Summer classes at IoBM

By Sara Noor

The summer session at IoBM started on Monday, June 6, with the first session held by Ms Zebunnisa Burki. The class started off at 8am with brief introduction and ice breaking session. Surprisingly, only 8 students, all women, are part of the course. The discussion kicked regarding the course outline and what students will learn from the course.

Students were encouraged to read front, back and editorial pages , not only this but preference of physical paper rather than internet blogs was emphasized upon. The last activity was to write a small note on current affairs which, included democracy, local government, Hamza aliabbasi etc.

The session lasted for 2 hours.

First Class

Karachi: On June 6, 2016. When all the students assembled in class# 315 to attend news reporting class at 8:00 am, lecturer Zebunnisa Burki commenced the class.

Burki introduced herself and asked the students to share their interests and  why they chose this field. One student said that she liked reading books and wanted to become a journalist. Another student said that she also liked reading books and wanted to become a journalist. This was the ice-breaking session.

After that, the lecturer told the students some rules and details for the course. Students should always meet up deadlines to submit their assignments and always be on time in class; Students should read newspapers daily in order to keep themselves aware of current affairs; Students should learn track changes as it is the requirement of every media student to know how to edit things on computer; Students should not outrage on things and avoid patriotism because no one likes it; Students should use Facebook regularly and if had any query regarding any issue they are allowed to message Burki on her

With the end of the first class, Burki allotted duties to students and made Karishma Rathi the class representative and assigned Asma Farooq the task of making a class blog on WordPress.

First Day, First Class

Karachi: June 7 marked the first day of the 2016 summer semester at the Institute of Business Administration, with the News Writing and Reporting class taught by Zebunnisa Burki.

The class started at sharp 9am and lasted till 11. The class began with an ice-breaking session initiated by the lecturer, during which the students interacted with each other and the teacher.

Later on the course details, description and outline were briefly explained by Ms. Burki. Towards the end of the session, the students were told to write a paragraph each on topics like Democracy, Dictatorship, Panama Leaks, and Hamza Ali Abbasi. Furthermore, topics like Menstruation and Panama leaks were brought up.

The class ended a few minutes early.

Stepping into Journalism

KARACHI: Monday, June’6, IoBM students were all set to embark a new journey in the world of news writing and reporting.

The session began with an ice-breaking activity where students introduced themselves. This part lasted for 20 min. Students were also enlightened about the course outline by the mentor, Zebunnisa Burki who is currently a deputy editor of Op-Ed pages, The News International.

The lecturer clarified that the course would just rely on the theory but would prioritize outdoor tasks. Students were also told about the do’s and don’s of news writing and reporting that would assist them professionally later on.

After a 15 min break,class assembled again for a basic writing activity where they had to jot down short paragraphs on any of the two assigned topics among which Hamza Ali Abbasi seemed the most famous one.After a quick self-correction, students were guided about their mistakes.

By the end, students had a couple of assignments that were due for  the next session.One of the students, Sara Noor shared her experience by saying,”The class was quite engaging yet gave us the idea that we have to be on our toes for this course”.

Creating Journalists at IoBM

By Zobia Hakim

Karachi: With the commencement of Summer Semester at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), began the course of ‘News Writing and Reporting’ by Zebunnisa Burki scheduled at 8 am each morning.

Burki, who is the Deputy Editor, Op-Ed at The News International is also a visiting faculty at the business school. However, the early timing of the class has been frowned upon by the student body including the faculty advisor.

The class began as per schedule.

With half an hour consumed to get the multimedia working, a PowerPoint presentation was opened in front of the students. The presentation discussed the essence of what it takes to be a good journalist including the outline set as to how to go about this course.

The two-hour class also included a demonstration of what a news story is and how it’s written. Current affairs also seemed to be an essential part of it as student were questioned regarding it.

With the presentation explained and assignments communicated, the class ended at precise 10 am.

News Writing Session with Zebunnisa Burki

KARACHI: On Monday, June 6, eight Media Studies students of IoBM, attended a lecture by Ms. Zebunnisa Burki, who will be the visiting faculty for the News Writing and Reporting course this summer.

News Writing and Reporting is one of the core journalism courses offered in IoBM. Burki, who happens to be the deputy editor of the op-ed pages at The News International, will be teaching these media students the basics of news writing. The course will be starting from how to write leads in a news story and move on to short news report, feature writing, opinion writing, and interviews.

The lecture began with an ice-breaking session, where the students revealed what they plan to pursue in the media. One of the students was assigned the task of creating a WordPress blog for the class, where the students will be publishing their writings.

There will also be a lot of fieldwork involved, as part of the course and the students will have to write news stories based on what they have encountered while reporting on those field trips. As said by Asma Farooq, one of the students, Traveling to different places is going to be the most professional and creative part of this course, and gives a deeper look into advanced journalism”.